08 March 2024

We are proud to be celebrating International Women’s Day at Square One Network today – here is a shot of some of the fantastic ladies on the team that are in the office today, apologies to the remote workers.

International Women's Day 2024

International Women’s Day is a significant occasion to recognise and celebrate the contributions and achievements of women worldwide! This day has been celebrated for over a century and serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for gender equality.

Square One is fortunate enough to have an almost 50:50 split of female to male workers with women holding roles on the senior management team, operations, business development, finance, technical services and engineering support.

MD Dave Allen got together on a call earlier this week to discuss what International Women’s Day meant to some of the women at Square One and there was a common theme throughout the responses.

Operations Director Lisa Rose, having spent much of her career in the telecoms industry, described how refreshing it was to work for a company with such a healthy even split of genders, having worked in organisations where only 10-15% were women.

Business Development Manager Lisa Harris recounted how intimidating it had been early in here sales career having to enter a room of 30 men as the only female and how proud she was to have survived and thrived in what is typically a male dominated industry.

Finance Manager Nicky Brewer commented that despite the gender split tending to be more even in the world of finance, she had left roles early in her career because she didn’t like the male dominated cultures and how great it was to enjoy equal pay and opportunities in Square One.

Technical Service Manager Rhiannon Williams Tarling noted how few women were typically working in technical support or development roles.

Telecom Support Engineer Rashani Silva shared how in previous interviews she had been asked about her marital status and whether she had children and felt judged on her responses – unlike the interviews for the role at Square One.

Having been in the telecoms industry since the late 90’s MD Dave Allen believed this was the first time that he had seen such a nice even split of genders in the workforce and reiterated that the only criteria for recruitment at Square One, was an alignment to the company’s core values (below), experience and a can-do attitude.

Summing Up

Operations Director Lisa Rose summed up by saying, “With nearly three decades of working in the typically male dominated environment of the telecoms industry, I have personally observed the substantial advancements in gender equality. As a female leader within a company that values equal opportunities for both women and men, I am very proud to work for Square One Network, who upholds fair and equal pay and professional recognition regardless of gender. Square One Network has culture that values diversity and inclusion and celebrates women’s success in the workplace.”

Here’s hoping that all women in our industry get the recognition they deserve not just today but throughout the year. #Inspireinclusion

Core Values