Hello, we’re Square One Network

We’re the network provider that works only for you, our customer – not the service providers. With our own network and dedicated support office, we tailor our communications solutions to the individual needs of businesses of all sizes. So when you choose Square One Network, you choose the best communications technology and user support for your business – at the best possible price. Also you’ll be spared the ‘hard-sell’ because we simply don’t operate like that.

All on one bill

As well as delivering hassle-free mobile plans for your entire workforce, we’re also enabling clients with mobile broadband connectivity, fixed line and broadband services, comprehensive device management, and industry leading email marketing platforms – all on a single bill. Take a look at the services we offer

UK & Ireland Network

For more than 5 years we’ve worked very closely with Three Ireland and act as their sole partner to manage Irish customers’ UK operations. We own our own network with world-wide roaming agreements that is married to our own billing platform so we can bill you directly. Although we own our own network, in practice we are network agnostic and we can provide multiple-provider SIMs on the same bill. Our international roaming costs are competitive and setting up connections for new and existing clients is quick and hassle-free.

For the best tariffs across all networks - let us help you.

Woman using the internet

For the best tariffs across all networks - let us help you.

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Flexible office phone systems that keep you in control.