30 April 2024

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Pragma, who recently became part of the Gamma Group, and the addition of the Ericsson-LG range to our Business Telephony portfolio. 


As a passionate and experienced business, Square One Network recognised that one size does not fit all and when it comes to delivering business grade operational telephony to businesses and we must have an innovative offering that can be tailored to the needs of our customers. 

We understand that every moment a business is unable to communicate effectively or efficiently that this will undoubtedly cause unnecessary pain to a business and their stakeholders.  

We are not shy in telling people that many of our staff could be called Industry veterans – we have seen it all and therefore we recognise how important it is that we have several bespoke solutions to hand, that can alleviate the pains and concerns of our customers. This is why we are proud to have recently partnered with The Pragma Group, the Ericsson-LG Enterprise provider for the UK Market. 

Over the course of the last few months MD Dave Allen and his team have met and tested several solutions to evaluate whether these real time pain points and concerns that every business has, could be solved when we considered the product on offer. 

Many were very shiny, pretty in some instances and carried lots of “bells and whistles” but they ultimately failed the Square One PAIN test ,of being able to solve real time business concerns. 

We believe that Ericsson-LG, ably supported by the Pragma Group understand this as well as we do and are aligned with us as we seek to provide an ever evolving uniformed but sometimes disjointed communications system to cover every unique business owner’s demands. 

The fact that Pragma is now part of the Gamma Group, with whom we are already partner, further cements our decision to partner with Pragma. 

We look forward to sharing some insights into how the Ericsson LG range can benefit existing and new SME customers. 

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