23 January 2024

We are excited to reveal that our selected charity for 2024 is Hope for Tomorrow, a cancer charity dedicated to building and providing mobile cancer care units for NHS trusts across England. These units enable the NHS to bring cancer treatment closer to patients’ homes, eliminating the need for lengthy and often disruptive journeys to hospitals.

Hope for Tomorrow’s mobile units have proven to be highly beneficial, with nearly 70% of patients expressing better tolerance for treatment on these units. Additionally, over half of the patients reported improved chances of completing their full course of treatment.

Learn more about Hope for Tomorrow and their impactful work by visiting their website: 

Hope for Tomorrow

To kickstart our fundraising efforts, we are participating in the Cuppa for Cancer Care event, taking place from Sunday, February 4, to Sunday, February 11, 2024. Our event will be held on Monday, February 5th, where our team will be brewing the perfect Yorkshire tea and baking delicious cakes. We extend an invitation to our clients, suppliers, and the local community to join us.

Please contact Dave Allen at [email protected] for more details.

For more details about the Cuppa for Cancer Care event or to get involved, visit: 

Cuppa for Cancer Care 2024

Cuppa for Cancer image

To stay updated on our upcoming events and charitable initiatives, please follow our Bucket Hat campaign. If you’ve received your Bucket Hat or are anticipating its arrival, don’t forget to share a picture on social media.

If you wish to contribute to our fundraising efforts, please visit our Just Giving page.

Curious about the Bucket Hat campaign? Find out more by following this link: 

Square One Network’s Bucket Hat Campaign: Fashion, Function and Fundraising.

Bucket Hat Campaign