26 September 2023

In the realm of telecommunications, the passage of time has been nothing short of transformative. The changes that have taken place over the last 25 years are awe-inspiring, fundamentally altering the landscape of how we connect and communicate. As we welcome our newest team member, Thomas Turner, to our ranks, I find myself reflecting on the remarkable journey we’ve had and the evolution of telecom that led us here.

In previous decades, investing in a telecom system was an entirely different experience. Registering a BT line was just the beginning, and patience was a virtue as you waited for up to four weeks for installation. A plastic box on the wall marked the advent of your telecom setup, followed by the installation of an ISDN line and a server or box on the wall to support it. Engineers in vans would arrive, bringing along more plastic boxes, physical handsets, cables, and servers, creating a physical infrastructure that seemed to grow endlessly.

Soon, requests for intelligent voicemail and call recording software necessitated the installation of more servers and the acquisition of cabinets to house them. As the servers generated heat, additional investments were made in fans or air conditioning to maintain a conducive environment. Daily battles with data backup ensued, leading to the addition of yet another server and cabinet. Looking back, it’s evident why businesses required large offices and dedicated server rooms to accommodate this hardware-intensive setup.

However, times have changed, and technology has evolved. The cloud has become the cornerstone of modern telecom, reminiscent of the mysterious “Claw” from Buzz Lightyear—hovering above us, steering our way forward, and revolutionising the way we operate, although its intricacies remain somewhat elusive.

Today, meeting our client’s requirements involves a vastly streamlined approach:

  • Listening to Customer Needs: Understanding our client’s needs is paramount. We engage in active listening to tailor solutions that precisely meet their requirements.
  • Workplace Solutions for Today’s World: We explore solutions that cater to a range of work environments, from traditional office spaces to home offices and hybrid models.
  • Navigating the Modern Telecom Landscape: We recognise that the modern telecom landscape can be complex and confusing. Therefore, we strive to simplify and clarify it for our clients.
  • Prioritising Mobile First: In an era where mobile devices are ubiquitous, we prioritise mobile-centric solutions to ensure seamless connectivity and accessibility.
  • Passion and Experience: Our team is fuelled by passion and enriched by years of experience, enabling us to deliver expert service and solutions.
  • Staying Ahead with Emerging Technologies: To stay at the forefront, we continuously explore and advise on emerging technologies that can elevate our services.
  • Providing Personalised Services: We maintain a personal touch with dedicated account managers, ensuring that our clients receive individualised attention and support.

Today, we witness a significant reduction in the physical aspects of telecom setup:

  • Fewer engineers perched on ladders
  • Fewer plastic boxes cluttering spaces
  • Fewer vans transporting hardware
  • Fewer equipment-heavy server rooms

However, this reduction in physical presence has paved the way for a surge in intelligence through software, providing a multitude of options, better connectivity, and fortified cybersecurity measures.

As we welcome Thomas to our team, we extend our best wishes for his journey with us and our fantastic clients. The telecom landscape will continue evolving, and with our dedicated team and innovative solutions, we’re poised to embrace the exciting transformations that lie ahead.

Best regards,

Dave Allen

Managing Director