18 May 2023

For the last six years, I have had peace of mind when it comes to my Business Mobile provider. Before I met Square One Network, I did not trust my old supplier and was unclear on what my options were and the cost. However, my biggest fear was around data security and abuse. The customer service from Square One Network has been great and with SON.Protect I feel safe in their hands.

– Ania S, IT Manager

Finding a business mobile solutions provider can be more challenging than one would think. Most business owners, Directors or Managers will have already experienced this firsthand. Despite the wealth of options and our personal reality that mobile connectivity is as accessible as running water, business mobile is still a huge pain point for business leaders.

Ania Before She Met Bristol’s Best-Kept Secret

Using Ania as an example, we can get a good look at what goes wrong for most business leaders when engaging with providers for their business mobile services.

Lack of trust

Ania initially lost trust in her provider due to insufficient response to support requests and enquiries. However, concerns grew when the provider appeared to underestimate changing imperatives in security. It didn’t help that Ania’s office environment was about to change and the provider failed to understand the changing workforce culture and ways of working. The icing on the cake was the provider’s failure to ensure infrastructure resilience and reach thus leading to concerns over network reliability.

Unclear options, costs and impersonal service

When delivering mobile solutions to a large salesforce, it’s easy for clarity to be clouded and prices to get confused. In Ania’s case, her bills were unclear, and the options available to reduce those costs and develop a more efficient solution were not accessible.

Her provider, essentially, didn’t have a “solution”. They sold her business plans, stacked one thing on top of another and created complex “solutions” that weren’t tailored to her business. Her contracts just rolled over, and there was no personalised or personable service.

Poor data security

Ninety-five per cent of the world’s internet users use mobile phones to go online. They’re the first thing most people look at each morning, and the majority of phone users spend hours on them each day.

With a poor plan comes poor data security and little to no clarity about how this may be addressed. Data security and abuse is one of the leading concerns for business leaders worldwide. The impacts of a breach can be catastrophic.

Ania’s Experience with SON

Working with Square One Network, Ania was able to finally access business mobile expertise. Experience in this field matters, and SON has 13 years specifically focussed on the delivery of business mobile solutions. That means we can create solutions that are genuinely tailored to every unique business.

What’s more, we were able to offer Ania transparency. Our solutions come with usage alerts and proactive service delivery to monitor mobile use and the efficacy of the custom solution.

To manage Ania’s business mobiles we use SON.Protect, a cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that is designed specifically for the management of multiple mobile devices, operating systems, and network providers. Agnostic solutions mean we can work with all the available suppliers and networks to get Ania the best possible deals.

With a central MDM solution, we can also guarantee data security. Everything is managed in one place, where breach risks are minimised, budget assessments can be made, and strategies can be applied in just a few clicks.

SON is the right solution for Ania and the right solution for any business with business mobile needs that work for you, not your provider.

Contact SON today through our contact form or by phone, where our friendly customer service team will be delighted to learn more about your business mobile needs.