13 April 2023

When first established, Square One Network worked exclusively on looking after the mobile needs of businesses. Over the last decade, we have become the trusted partner for some significant brands across the UK and Ireland. We hadn’t planned to expand our portfolio to Unified Communications and Connectivity, but our customers demanded it.

— David Allen, Managing Director, Square One Network.

Communications are the lifeblood of every business. From a decade ago to now, that truth has remained the same. The ever-more mobile workforce is dependent on reliable connectivity and communications. The technologies have evolved, and the solutions have become more complex, but the bigger, overarching needs are largely the same. For that reason, our core values have remained the same since our inception:

Mobile First

Beginning our business as mobile specialists, we continue to emphasise a mobile-first approach. Now, even more so than before, mobility is integral to the success of businesses. Our mobile-first communications solutions ensure that our customers can operate anywhere they need to without impacting your bottom line or their productivity.

Passion & Experience

Square One Network has a wealth of experience in telecommunications, and we are passionate about providing tailored telecom solutions. We have become a telecommunications service provider of choice because of our passion and experience, offering telecoms solutions that are geared towards efficiency, scalability and cost-savings.

Emerging & Innovative

We stay ahead of the game by investing in emerging technologies as well as continuously innovating our existing services. Our team continuously researches and tests new telecommunications options to ensure our customers stay ahead in their industry. We may be mobile-first, but we continue to evolve to meet the demands of our customers and their industries.

Personable Service

Businesses all have different needs. There is no one size fits all solution. In recognition of this, we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, looking at the end-to-end process from both your and your customer’s perspectives. We provide a personalised approach with customised communications solutions to meet your business needs.

Looking after a mobile fleet is hands-on as we are constantly monitoring usage to ensure our customers do not have bill shock, are using data in the most cost-effective manner and are staying within their allowances. Some of these customers are growing and expanding; thus, we need to speak with some of these clients regularly, sometimes a few times a week, to ensure their mobile fleet is working at its maximum.

When we expanded our portfolio to include Unified Communications and Connectivity, it was because our customers were sick of buying those assets from other telecommunication companies. Once signed, they would then never hear from again over the term of the agreement. They wanted their mobile needs, and their telecom needs to have the same strong account management services they enjoyed with Square One when we offered only mobile. So we delivered. 

In recent years, we have expanded our team and our expertise and now work with not only all the mobile networks for our customers, but we also provide the best-of-breed Unified and fixed line solutions that are available on the market. We are proud to offer flexible telecom solutions that are tailor-made for our client’s different businesses.

— David Allen, Managing Director, Square One Network

Square One Network’s four core values – Mobile First, Passion & Experience, Emerging & Innovative and Personable Service – are at the heart of everything we do.


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