10 March 2022

In many ways, we are all customers in different situations and we want our problems to be solved quickly and conveniently. As the shift to the digital-first world was accelerated by the pandemic, we are online more than ever as customers and keeping up with the changes has been harder than ever.

Customer experience is more important than ever in today’s world. So how do you keep your customers happy when your competitors are competing in the same space? We have compiled a list of how we overcame challenges to keep our customers at the forefront of our business.

Challenge 1 – Long Hold Times

Have you ever been on hold so long that you start to like the awful hold music? No? That is what your customer is also feeling. Long hold times annoy your customer, weaken your brand and it can sometimes have a bad effect on the relationship you have with them.

Customers value their time, meaning they want the issue they are having to be resolved as quickly as possible and with tools like email and managed web chat, this can be achieved.

Challenge 2 – The Agent doesn’t have all the information to hand

Sometimes, your agents are not equipped to solve customer problems and therefore, your customer keeps being transferred to another person in your team. 

Your agents need to be able to easily access customer information and data therefore no more transfers. This will create a positive customer service experience.

Challenge 3 – Support is only available through disjointed channels

While the younger generation are more likely to use social media and managed web chat to connect with your business, the older generation tend to prefer voice and email. Your business may offer 2 or 3 channels for communication but what happens if your customers want to go from email to a call? No one likes to repeat themselves to multiple agents.

Connecting your channels and allowing them to share data means your customers are having a more personalised experience. They will therefore be more likely to stay with your company and recommend your brand because of that experience.

Challenge 4 – Unfriendly support agents

Your customers do not want an agent that is grumpy and doesn’t know how to deal with your problems. An emotional connection to your customers not only gives a positive customer experience but also they have the chance to recommend you to friends because of that experience.

Empathy is still strong even in a digital world. Your customers want you to understand the issues they are having and be able to emphasise with them. We are all human at the end of the day.

Overcoming those challenges will keep your customers at the forefront of your business but features like advanced queue management, skill-based routing and omni channel will help unify your communications. Customer experience is important to maintaining and improving customer loyalty.


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