24 February 2022

Does this sound like you?

  • A medical practice in the South West of England
  • Possibly the Senior Partner or Practice Manager
  • Do you have a long standing agreement with out of date technology?
  • Phone system no longer suits the way that you want to work
  • System doesn’t fit a hybrid working practice

Digital transformation in the NHS is at a critical stage as Medical Practices move away from legacy technology and adapt flexible and collaborative working.

Square One is helping and supporting Medical Practices to transition their technology to allow staff to operate in a hybrid manner where calls can be answered on any device and in any location. The last two years have proved how essential it is for flexible working whilst still maintaining phenomenal service for patients. 

API integration into platforms like EMIS, recording of telephone calls, online training and remote working are modern day necessities.

Why Square One Network? 

We are dedicated to bringing you great customer service as well as offering you unified communication solutions to help your business. 

As a telecommunications service provider, we tailor our solutions to your requirements while presenting you with a single bill for all of your services. 

What services can we offer you?

Square One Network offers a wide range of services but if you answered yes to any of the above questions, here are our best choices for what you may need in your practice:

Unified Communications:

If any of these services appeal to your team, why not use our new managed chat Melu to answer your queries. 

With Melu, you are able to speak to someone very quickly about your needs and how we as a Telecommunications Service Provider can help transition your technology.