M2M Solutions from Square One

Flexible M2M SIM Cards

M2M SIM cards are predominantly used for sending and receiving data, rather than text or voice. These SIMs can provide 2G, 3G, 4G and also GPRS connectivity, depending on the chosen tariff.

M2M SIM cards also allow for data aggregation across your SIM estate. This gives you the ability to spread your data allowance across all your networked devices. If one of your devices is under-using data and another is over-using, you can rest assured that overspending is much less likely, as they’ll both take data from the same pot.

Square One provide tailored and flexible M2M SIM packages for all your machine-to-machine needs, on any network.

What is M2M?

Machine to machine (M2M) is a general term that can be used to represent any technology that allows connected devices to perform actions and exchange information without manual human input. For example:

Tracking – assets, vehicles, lone workers

Monitoring – vending machines, water levels of warehouses

Controlling – lighting for theatres and stadiums, air conditioning

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Vehicle Tracking and Asset Management

Incident Cam

In the event of a collision, impact, harsh cornering, harsh braking, or a driver panic button press, the Incident Cam will automatically record and stream live from the vehicle to the Customer Cloud Portal, ready for viewing. Emails are automatically sent to the user containing a quick-view video, together with alerts and an incident report. 

All event/incident-activated videos, or non-incident videos, are saved in chronological order against the vehicle in question. The historic search feature allows you to remotely view video recorded from approximately 80 hours of driving, including non-incident footage. To stream a specific video from a particular vehicle, simply enter the date and time against the vehicle and click ‘request’.

A PDF incident report is automatically generated in the event of an incident, along with a 20-second video of the event. Full GPS Tracker via Smartphone/Tablet/PC/Laptop.

See the incident cam in action

Car Bit Plug and Play

Suitable for non-HGV vehicles manufactured after 1996.

Car Bit key features:

  • Full GPS tracker via PC/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone
  • Built in G-Force Sensor
  • Driver behaviour monitoring/reporting
  • Ruggedised Anti-Tamper Unit
  • Plugs directly into vehicle OBD extension lead
  • Automated alerts/tamper/speeding/speed threshold/service/inspection
  • Automated alerts/braking/acceleration/cornering/impact
  • Available on 12, 24 and 36-month contracts
Geotab Smart Vehicle Plug and Play

The Smart Vehicle Plug and Play telematics GPS tracker boasts a fast acquisition time and high-quality recordings. It gives you real-time data on:

  • Vehicle location
  • Mileage
  • Driver behaviour
  • Fuel and oil levels
  • Engine diagnostics trouble codes
  • Battery status
  • Tyre condition