With fully managed leased lines you’ll receive a high speed, high performance connection which isn’t shared by anyone else.

At the heart of modern business operations lies the seamless flow of information. In today’s digital age, the ability to efficiently transmit data, voice, and video has become a cornerstone of success. Herein lies Bristol based Square One Network’s utilisation of leased lines to optimise your company’s connectivity.

In essence, a leased line is more than just a conduit for data; it’s a dedicated channel that empowers your business with exceptional performance and reliability. Unlike shared connections, leased lines are exclusively reserved for your company’s use, ensuring consistent and high-speed communication. This exclusivity translates into a multitude of benefits that directly enhance your daily operations and overall productivity.

With leased lines forming the backbone of your communication infrastructure, your business applications can operate seamlessly. Imagine a scenario where intricate data transfers occur effortlessly, video conferences unfold without a hitch, and voice calls maintain crystal-clear quality. This harmonious synergy of applications fosters a work environment where tasks are executed with precision, leading to a remarkable upswing in performance metrics.

Furthermore, the strategic adoption of leased lines paves the way for the integration of hosted telephone systems. By harnessing the power of dedicated connectivity, transitioning to hosted telephone systems becomes a logical and cost-effective progression. Hosted telephone systems operate through the cloud, streamlining communication processes and eliminating the need for intricate on-premises equipment. As a result, not only does this modern approach potentially reduce upfront expenses, but it also presents long-term cost savings by minimising maintenance and operational complexities.

Leased lines emerge as the unsung heroes, elevating your business into a realm where connectivity is never a concern but a seamless utility. As you harness the prowess of leased lines to effortlessly transport data, voice, and video, you unlock a world of opportunities for heightened collaboration, smoother operations, and ultimately, a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market. Moreover, the gateway to hosted telephone systems stands open, offering a potential avenue to optimise costs and embrace a communication landscape that mirrors the agility and advancement of your business itself.


  • As an uncontended, symmetrical broadband, your upload and download speeds will be the same with a leased line
  • The line can be easily scalable and is available from 10MB to 10GB. Therefore, you can pay less for quieter months
  • Low latency
  • Guaranteed SLAs
  • Leased lines often come with static IP addresses
  • The line has to be physically installed with can result in some downtime. However, you could invest in a disaster recovery plan in order to negate this
  • It can be an expensive options with high monthly rates, plus installation fees which can vary according to how far away the office is from the exchange box
  • If you’re not planning on using hosted telephony, you will need to organise your landline phone plan separately, or have it as an add-on


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