03 September 2018

The recruitment industry is crowded, so it’s vital for your agency to stay ahead of the game and beat off competition. In order to do this, your telecoms must also be up to scratch as the telephone system is essential to the day-to-day operation of recruitment agencies.

Business-class mobile communications can help your business be more agile and effective.

Here’s how…
Reliability and Flexibility

By having a fully unified communication system incorporating voice, data and mobile in place, your employees are totally contactable without sacrificing the quality of calls. You can continue delivering excellent customer service, whenever and wherever you are. In turn, ease of communication can boost employee productivity and efficiency enabling you to outpace the competition. 

66% of SMEs either operate remotely or employ remote staff
Cost Savings

The long-term potential cost savings for your business are almost guaranteed by having a well-defined, easy to understand, service package from one provider. You can choose a tariff that spreads across all mobiles in one contract, which means you can visibly see your data more easily. Also, setting up usage alerts can also monitor your business mobile spend, allowing you to save those important pennies. These cost savings allow you to allocate your extra funds into other areas of business which need it most – such as advertising costs on recruitment job boards.

56% of businesses have converged solutions to some degree
Never Miss an Opportunity

By utilising a business-focused mobile network, you will avoid competing with consumers over voice and data traffic, enabling you to deliver business-class quality of service. Read more on how hosted telephony can help you win the race for talent.



Source: Gamma, 2018.