22 October 2018

In today’s age, it’s imperative for businesses to communicate consistently in order operate successfully.

For office-based businesses, having access to a good data signal is relatively easy. However, those who work in the construction industry will understand that accessing a reliable data signal – especially in isolated areas – is less than straightforward.

Consequently, poor data signal can make it challenging for owners to do remote monitoring and communication from head office. In turn, this can lead to difficulty in receiving the most up-to-date working conditions in real-time. This means projects can fall behind and go over budget, as repeat on-site visits become a requirement.

However, by investing in an outdoor broadband router, IT managers can ensure that reliable, high-quality and wide-ranging internal connectivity will be delivered – without the standard 24-month contract. It can provide the perfect solution for transmitting critical data from a rural construction site to the busy head office.

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In addition, the router is specifically designed for industrial and challenging environments and will be able to survive the harshest of conditions, with an operating temperature of -40°C to 60°C. Installation is a one-man job and the router can be installed virtually anywhere with an easy-to-use mounting kit, which is included in the package.

As a result, IT managers can ensure there are no more delays in the construction process – enhancing workflows and information sharing. Downloading that large file whilst having your conference meeting with head office is not a problem anymore! In addition, administrators can now remotely monitor the site in real time, reducing costs and increasing productivity in the meantime.

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