FTTC broadband uses both traditional copper cable and new fibre optic cable to deliver high speed broadband with unlimited use.

Prepare for a revolution! Outdated PSTN lines, such as ISDN for businesses, and older internet connections like ADSL and FTTC broadband are fading away. Openreach is making great strides in replacing all copper connections by the end of 2025. Embrace this transformation and anticipate elevated connectivity!

The above decision/announcement makes the following service/option obsolete.

Square One Network Bristol’s Best Kept Secret lies in their innovative approach to providing efficient and reliable internet solutions for businesses. One of their standout offerings, Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC), presents an optimal choice for businesses seeking enhanced connectivity without delving into the realm of pricey leased line services. This hidden gem of a technology bridges the gap between traditional ADSL and high-cost leased lines, making it an ideal solution for enterprises heavily reliant on cloud-based applications and demanding higher speeds.

The foundation of FTTC’s prowess rests upon its ingenious infrastructure. The fiber optic cable, a hallmark of cutting-edge connectivity, is seamlessly woven from the local telephone exchange to strategically positioned roadside cabinets. This strategic distribution network ensures that the digital highway is extended closer to businesses, minimising signal degradation and latency. From these cabinets, a telephone copper line takes the reins, bringing the power of broadband right to the doorstep of establishments.

However, as with any technological marvel, a caveat comes into play – the speed of FTTC connectivity is intrinsically tied to the geographical proximity of the business to the cabinet. This factor underscores the importance of considering physical distance as a determinant of performance. Essentially, the closer a business is to the cabinet, the more likely it is to experience the full gamut of benefits that FTTC has to offer. This reality reinforces the need for a strategic placement of cabinets to ensure optimal coverage and equitable access across different business clusters.

Square One Network Bristol’s FTTC offering epitomises a balance between performance and cost-effectiveness. For businesses seeking a substantial speed boost beyond what ADSL can deliver, without committing to the lofty expenses of leased lines, FTTC emerges as a beacon of promise. By harnessing the power of fiber optics and leveraging existing copper infrastructure, this technology becomes a viable conduit for accelerated digital operations.

In the dynamic landscape of modern commerce, where cloud-based applications have become the backbone of operations, FTTC emerges as a testament to Square One Network Bristol’s commitment to fostering efficient connectivity solutions. This best-kept secret is poised to elevate businesses to new echelons of productivity, underscoring the notion that proximity to the cabinet can indeed pave the way to a faster, more connected future.

  • Quick lead time
  • Cheaper than leased line options
  • Faster than ADSL
  • You may not get maximum speeds as this is dependent on how long the telephone is from the cabinet
  • No SLA guarantees

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