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Adrian Harte – Group IT Manager
“Deploying the Billion external 4G Routers on our sites allows for a very quick turn-around when a request comes in for a new connection in our sites offices, especially as a lot of our sites are remote and have no fixed line services. And because a lot of our work happens at short notice, the Billion external router is perfect for Kirby in this sort of situation.”

Executive Summary

Kirby Group Engineering (Kirby) – headquartered in Limerick, Ireland, offers high-value engineering and construction services, often requiring them to work in remote locations. These numerous remote locations, and often virgin sites, make it difficult to provide internet access using traditional fixed-line services, or costly and unreliable wireless methods.

Kirby is utilising the industry’s first Outdoor 4G/LTE Billion router, which has provided them with a reliable and cost-effective solution to consistently serious delays and issues throughout their projects.

The Customer

Kirby is an engineering and construction business offering their services to multiple sectors which are often based in remote locations. Kirby offers a wide variety of services, priding themselves on their ‘getting it right first time’ high-value service and being the ‘best in class’ in all aspects of health and safety. In turn, Kirby also expects these same high standards from its suppliers. Working in remote locations means that they need flexible, reliable and high-performing solutions.


Whilst on site, it’s essential to the planning and execution of the projects that they have internet access. On a day-to-day basis, Kirby will need to perform tasks such as downloading large engineering drawings, and require constant access to online purchasing and CRM systems. Any delays or issues with connectivity can cause major disruptions to projects, which is not only costly, but can also risk damage to their reputation.

Kirby has also previously struggled to find a connectivity provider that can offer a realistic and cost-effective service to their short-term projects. This has caused a great deal of frustration when the only option has been to sign up to multiple long-term contracts for short-term projects that often don’t offer them the connectivity they require. Kirby often found that their routers were not robust enough to last in industrial environments, often in adverse weather conditions, which put delays on time-critical projects.

Kirby also found that, whilst their expertise and experience allowed them to be reactive and versatile in unforeseen situations, they unfortunately struggled to find an effective disaster recovery router solution, which made difficult situations that much harder to rectify. Issues such as a worker cutting the copper wire, causing them to lose connectivity, would often cause major delays.

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How square one helped

Through our managed install service, Square One supplied, installed and commissioned a Billion BiPAC 4700ZU(L) 4G LTE Outdoor Broadband Router, which supports the latest generation of LTE fixed wireless networks providing connectivity for rural and under-served areas. The BiPAC 4700ZU(L) is an industrial-grade outdoor wireless fixed router that integrates a high-performance device with an embedded LTE module and advanced IP networking features, enabling support of multiple high bandwidth applications at peak speeds of up to 150Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink.

Businesses with a weak or non-existent wireless signal can benefit from the extended range and reach of the BiPAC 4700ZU(L). MIMO antenna technology allows service providers to select the optimal solution for their environment. Physical size and weight were key design considerations, so it is tailored to ensure it can be mounted directly on construction cabins and lightweight poles.

With an IP67-rated enclosure, the BiPAC 4700ZU(L) can withstand extreme weather conditions and harsh rugged deployments. Easy installation is realised with integrated IEEE 802.3ar Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, eliminating the need for separate power and data cables.


After initially testing one BiPAC 4700ZU(L) in a single project location, the staff were immediately impressed with the quality, speed and reliability of service.

The trial allowed them to focus on the task at hand without any unwelcome connectivity interruptions, allowing them to complete their project in the desired timeframe. The deployment of the BiPAC 4700ZU(L) has now grown to six units on different sites.

The BiPAC 4700ZU(L) proved to be the right solution for Kirby. Providing secure, high-performance, reliable internet connectivity, the BiPAC 4700ZU(L) enabled Kirby to offer a much more efficient, higher-quality service which resulted in a return on investment for the business.

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