20 August 2021

One aspect of telecommunications that we’ve seen a rise in day by day is unified communications. 

Within this article, we delve into what defined unified communications is, what this technology entails for businesses, and explore how utilising unified communications technology can improve your business. 

Understanding Unified Communications

We live in a fast-paced world in which we can get answers to any question with a click of a mouse, and business communications need to keep up with this. Unified Communications integrates a wealth of modern communication methods in one place. This includes and is not limited to: 

  1. Email
  2. Phone 
  3. Voice and Video Calling 
  4. Video Calling 
  5. File Sharing 
  6. Instant Messaging

Ensuring businesses have uninterrupted unified communications can ensure more interaction throughout companies, especially as we move into more of a hybrid way of working after the global pandemic. Unified communications allows teams to ensure a secure and constant system to work with, no matter their location or time. 

Sam, a member of our team, working from home.

Sam, a member of our team, working from home.

How can Integrating Unified Communications help your Business? 

Embracing unified communication for your business comes with a wealth of benefits, lets delve into why! 

Stronger Performance 

With better communication platforms comes confidence and stronger performance from staff. Integrating unified communications allows employees to communicate and collaborate by the touch of a button; this then enables them to solve customer problems at a faster rate and catapult business reputation.

The Mobile Workforce

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that a more mobile, robust and remote workforce is here to stay. With companies implementing complete remote or hybrid working, integrating unified communications within your organisation is becoming essential. Companies have learnt that over the past year, that they’ve needed smooth running and flexible communication systems when working with a remote team and to also encourage the same levels of maintaining professionalism and productivity. 

Reduced Costs

One advantage of unified communications that will appeal to business owners is the reduction in costs. Unified Communications is a more advanced technology solution that usually operates on the ‘cloud’. This allows companies to break away from previous costly systems, and to begin using cost-effective resources, and reduce costs. 

If you hadn’t guessed it by now, embracing a unified communications system offers a whole host of benefits for businesses and their employees. You are simultaneously reducing company costs, increasing productivity and revenue whilst also reaching new heights in technology. 

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