29 April 2022

5G is the next generation of mobile connectivity and it is being rolled out across the UK. Faster data throughput and real-time communications will improve UCaaS and allow SME’s to leverage their advantages of being agile and responsive. 

So, what can we expect from 5G? This article is all about the benefits of supercharging your business with Square One Network’s 5G offering.

Lower operating costs

Speed and latency improvements help to drive down operating costs, reducing the size and cost of office space while improving business efficiency via a remote workforce.

Unified Communications as a Service

Reduced latency and faster data will help enhance user experience of applications. Being able to seamlessly integrate voice, video, email and messaging helps with business productivity and costs. Unifying your communications helps workplace productivity and makes workflows easier. 

Business Data

Faster data allows for a larger volume of data that can be sent and received much quicker. Businesses will want more data sets to figure out what customers want. 

From this, businesses are able to develop new products tailored to what customers require and 5G will provide a fast and strong connection to devices that businesses are using.

Business Gamechanger

UK businesses are currently not preparing for 5G rollout quick enough to take full advantage of the benefits of utilising 5G in their data plans. With 5G, employees are more likely to get work done on the move.

Growth Expectations

Business growth for those utilising 5G includes enhanced opportunities for international trade, expanded geographical reach and more communication with customers. It can also help to increase businesses efficiency and reduce costs.

Mission Critical

5G will most likely disrupt many market sectors, however it will bring new market entrants with new ways of getting business done. 5G will be a trigger for innovation and increased business agility which can provide cost reductions including travel expenses, saving office space by increasing teleworking and even installation costs of a fixed line.

Moving to 5G in the earlier means faster growth and proactive organisations are more likely to gain customers and market share. Implementing 5G before your competitors will give you an edge that they haven’t utilised yet.

How Square One Network can help supercharge your business with 5G

At Square One Network, our customers stay with us because they love what we do. 5G offers superfast speeds, low latency and much better device capacity. 

It will allow your business technology and your employees to thrive. Our 5G service offering can help you enhance connections and strengthen your services.

Get in touch with Square One Network today to talk about your requirements or use our live managed chat Melu to speak to someone.