06 October 2022

Most organisations today would agree that Broadband is a business necessity. Cumbersome LAN connections, modems and ISDN are now all but obsolete. Broadband capabilities have surpassed the connectivity solutions of the past to offer faster speeds, always-on availability and more flexibility than its internet-enabling predecessors. 

We’re all on the same page. Business Broadband is a must. With so many solutions now on the market, it can be tricky to decipher which is actually best for your business.

Square One Network has a range of Business Broadband solutions. To help you determine which matches your requirements, let’s break them all down and assess the benefits of each for your business.

Square One Network Business Broadband Solutions

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

FTTC uses optical fibre to supplement part of the usual metal local loop used for connection to an exchange from the End Users premises to BT’s Cabinet.

As the length of copper used to convey data is much shorter, FTTC allows for much higher connection speeds.


G.Fast operates similarly to FTTC, with one small difference. Where FTTC uses VDSL2 to encode the data stream, G.Fast uses new G.Fast technology to supercharge speeds even further.

At present, we can offer bandwidths of 160/30 Mbit/s & 330/50 Mbit/s.

Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA)

SoGEA is a phoneline-free solution that uses the same fibre and copper network as other broadband services, minus the WLR.

SoGEA is offered at the same data rates as FTTC. It runs on the same established infrastructure, and it delivers the same performance. Plus, it removes the need for a phone line, making it a great solution for businesses running their connectivity solutions through the cloud.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

Unlike the other solutions, FTTP uses fibre all the way to the customer’s premises. The copper network is cut out, delivering much faster speeds and reliability, unlike other solutions.

The challenge with FTTP, however, is availability. Certain areas have full-fibre infrastructure, and others do not. If available in your area, the bandwidth you buy with FTTP is the bandwidth that you get over your local access tail.

Universal benefits of Business Broadband

The set-up you choose will depend largely on the infrastructure available in your area and whether or not you want to run a phone line. Regardless of the solution, the universal benefits of Square One Network’s Business Broadband solutions are:

Designed exclusively for the business market

Businesses have unique security and reliability requirements. SON’s solutions are built for businesses with high-level security solutions and protection to keep IP safe and connections secure and stable. What’s more, we offer services beyond network migration.

Our business solutions extend to maintenance packages and industry-leading service standards.

Cloud compatible

Switching to cloud-based applications offer a host of benefits, which you can read more about here and Business Broadband enables these solutions. Our Business Broadband is designed for IP telephony, video and conferencing services, as well as instant messaging, covering end-to-end connectivity and communication requirements.


SON is an award-winning provider that has completed thousands of migrations over to our network. We consistently provide the highest quality, secure connections tailored to our client’s requirements, ranging from just one line to many. We deliver connection migrations with minimal disruptions.

Contact Square One Network today to learn more about our range of business broadband solutions and how they can help to supercharge your business’s productivity and connectivity.