09 June 2022

A Customer Relationship Manager System (CRM) system helps you to provide a better service to your customers by allowing you to share information across the entire company. This ensures every team has the ability to access, update, and utilise business data to improve results.

Integrating a contact centre with your CRM helps to present information in a simple way for employees to use to benefit the business and your customers. In this article, we have created a guide to help you integrate your CRM and contact centre. 

The benefits of integrating your CRM with a contact centre 

This integration helps to keep teams focused and working smarter no matter where they are based. Everything is organised into one platform and data can be stored both publicly and privately in the cloud. Contact centre agents are able to analyse both inbound and outbound information at the same time. 

Cost-effectiveness is a key element in businesses today, but a high-quality product is also an important factor. When you integrate your CRM with a contact centre you are reducing overall operational costs whilst saving time and money on training and call handling. This can in turn enable your team to up-sell and cross-sell as well as save the business money.

A customer journey can go either way depending on your contact centre setup. With an integrated CRM, each interaction is recorded into your customer’s history and can be accessed from your contact centre interface. 

5 must-have features of an integrated CRM


Caller Preview

No agent wants to be presented with a bunch of random numbers without knowing who is on the other end of the call. With caller preview, you are able to present the caller’s name to the agent before they take the call. This feature helps to identify important customers so their issue can be solved quicker.

Screen Pop

As the agent takes a call, the customer’s details will pop up on the screen, making it easier to recognise customers, see previous interactions, and solve queries more efficiently. This enables the agent to concentrate on the customer immediately without having to look up details.

Click To Dial

Without a CRM and contact centre integration, agents have to navigate multiple windows to get their job done. With this integration, an agent can easily locate a contact and call them all within one window. Without the need for manual input from the agent, this also reduces the risk of misdialing.

Automatic Call Logging

Information can flow both ways with an integration like this. It can become tricky if this exchange is not automatic. With automatic call logging you can map all customer interactions into your CRM, enabling you to capture the customer journey whilst storing information easily.

Intelligent Routing

This is a feature that uses customer data and previous interactions to help route calls to the most appropriate agent. It means your agents can play to their strengths while customer queries are resolved more quickly and efficiently.

With improvements in team productivity and decreasing frustration, your agents will be able to deliver the best possible service to your customers.

Start your journey today and enhance your customer’s experience with you by integrating your CRM with a contact centre.


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