13 December 2021

With the UK leaving the EU, networks have announced changes to roaming charges. We are delving into what this means for the public.

What Are Roaming Charges?

Roaming is when you are using your phone abroad. You can use your minutes, texts and data while abroad but from 2022, this will change and you will be charged daily for these uses.

Why are they changing?

They are changing due to the UK leaving the European Union. The Brexit trade deal did not rule them out. 

This means service providers will charge you for using your phone when in Europe.

From 2022, you will not be charged for roaming in the ROI. On the other side of it, in Europe, there will be daily charges for roaming on your network. 

What are the charges?

This all depends on your network. Some will pay per day but you will also be able to purchase a roaming package if you are going to Europe for longer periods.

Will this affect my phone plan?

You will only be charged when you choose a roaming plan. This helps keep costs down for when you’re abroad. You will need to check with us what the costs of roaming are.


If you still have more questions about the upcoming Roaming Charges, please contact us so we can answer your questions!