man sitting down at desk using computer on full-fibre internet in a busy office.

14 Jun

Cost-Effective Full-Fibre Internet

Having the right broadband solution for your business needs is important so you can maximise productivity without overspending. However, the pain of being far away from the green box or…

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5G image with wifi symbol

16 May

What is 5G and When Will it Arrive in the UK?

Since 2018, 5G has been a key topic in the tech industry and has gained extensive news coverage. From reported concerns of 5G mobile radiation, to several countries banning Huawei…

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Fleet of white lorries lined up.

14 May

Top 5 Business Telematics Myths

Myths usually derive from misunderstandings. With regards to telematics, we most associate it with the ‘black box’ which is used to monitor young drivers’ habits and speeds as a way…

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30 Apr

Why You Should Consider a Hybrid Telephone System

With the decommissioning of ISDN lines on the horizon and PSTNs also becoming obsolete in the long-term, it is imperative for businesses to start thinking about their move towards IP…

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05 Apr

Best Rugged Smartphones of 2019

Sometimes, the beautiful aesthetics and fragile glass screens of the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhones are not enough. Users who find themselves in the harshest of conditions need a tough,…

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hosted voip

25 Mar

Business Telephone Systems Explained

Organising your business telephony can become very confusing. Terms such as SIP, VoIP, hosted, analogue, digital, KSU and so on, are used often, and sometimes interchangeably. So it’s no wonder…

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