14 Feb

Gigabit Voucher Scheme 2019 Update

Gigabit Voucher Scheme - it's half-time! It was announced earlier this week that the Government’s Gigabit Voucher Scheme fund – which gives small businesses up to £2,500 to claim against…

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28 Jan

M2M: The Complete Guide

Technology has changed this way we communicate, and the world is becoming increasingly connected. Thanks to mobile phones and the rise of social media, people find it easier and quicker…

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22 Jan

BYOD: The Complete Guide

What is BYOD? Bring your own device – or BYOD for short – is the practice which allows employees to use their own personal devices for work purposes. BYOD policies…

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02 Jan

Square One Network: Year in Review 2018

Rapid Expansion Shortly after moving into our new office, Square One has rapidly expanded. We have more than doubled in size in 2018 and are now looking forward to further…

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outdoor broadband

22 Oct

Poor Internet Signal on Your Construction Site? Here’s How to Solve it.

In today’s age, it’s imperative for businesses to communicate consistently in order operate successfully. For office-based businesses, having access to a good data signal is relatively easy. However, those who…

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SIP Myth

16 Oct

Five SIP Myths Debunked

Too Expensive Just because SIP is new technology, doesn’t necessarily mean it is expensive. In fact, for the majority of businesses, SIP services are a cost-effective solution. A study by…

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