disaster recovery

17 Sep

Top Tips for Creating a Voice Disaster Recovery Plan

For some businesses, voice communication is their life line for successful day-to-day operation. Whilst you can anticipate bad weather to affect your lines, disaster can also strike when you least…

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14 Sep

The Danger of an Outdated GP Phone System

Patients who miss GP appointments cost the NHS £1bn in 2017. But, do you know what the impact of a missed call is from a patient? Apart from making your…

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03 Sep

How Business Mobiles Improve Recruitment Communication Strategy

The recruitment industry is crowded, so it's vital for your agency to stay ahead of the game and beat of competition. Excellent communication is key within the recruitment process and…

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30 Aug

How Hosted Telephony Can Help Recruitment Agencies Win the Race for Talent

The telephone system is essential to the day-to-day operation of recruitment agencies, so it’s crucial that the chosen system is as reliable, flexible and efficient as possible. In such a…

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SIP Trunks

21 Aug

What is a SIP Trunk?

A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk is a voice over internet technology which can deliver telephone and video services on a global scale, using computers and mobile devices with a…

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call recording

14 Aug

How Call Recording Can Give Recruitment Agencies the Edge

The recruitment industry is notoriously competitive, with candidates often placed for the same role by different agencies, as well as aiming to achieve the best agency status. Top billers tend…

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