04 July 2024

Refresh your business mobile phones for a simple monthly payment

Square One is pleased to offer a new business leasing service which enables businesses to refresh their mobile phones for a simple, tax efficient monthly payment.

If you are wishing you could upgrade your business mobile phones but are concerned about cashflow, business leasing offers the perfect solution.

Take full advantage of the latest mobile technology, which comes hand-in-hand with new features, upgraded functionality, faster performance, improved battery life and design enhancements.

Leasing is a smart investment solution which creates flexibility and benefits for your business and many ways including:

  • Keeping cash flow within the business
  • Getting the equipment your business needs
  • Enjoying fantastic tax advantages
  • Protecting existing credit lines
  • Spreading the cost of the VAT
  • And much more

Not just mobiles

Our business leasing service can be used for any technology hardware so whatever you are thinking of upgrading in the office, it’s worth talking to Square One.

Find out more about Square One device leasing.