Take full control of your devices and data with SON.Protect, our cloud-based MDM software.

mdm software

SON.Protect, Square One’s cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution has been specifically designed to manage the multiple devices, operating systems, and network providers that are in operation across your business.

MDM solutions can save your business time and money by monitoring usage and making sure all users are staying productive. It also helps you to keep your data secure and ensure employees do not breach your corporate policies.

The easy-to-use MDM app is available for both iOS and Android and operates across all networks. Devices are enrolled seamlessly over the air for quick deployment, with no hardware installation – IT managers can manage all devices across the business in a matter of minutes.

Find out how a BYOD policy can save money for your business, using MDM software.


  • Live mobile location – track a missing/stolen device using GPS
  • Detailed usage monitoring and reporting
  • Business data security – ensuring full GDPR compliance
  • Push messages to users via MDM app


  • Lock and Buzz handsets remotely – rendering any lost/stolen handsets unusable
  • Tailor your device policy to meet business requirements
  • Set up dual user profiles (personal and business)
  • Push apps to users remotely, via the MDM software

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