Elevate your mailshots with Enabler.

Square One delivers and supports Enabler – an enterprise-level email marketing platform – proven to help customers run email marketing campaigns easily and efficiently, with responsive templates and real-time reporting for detailed analysis and insight.

Get Personal!

A targeted email is a more effective email. Personalise your mailshots to display different text, image or video content based on any demographic, geographic or psychographic factor.

Test and Automate

A/B test your emails for full marketing campaign effectiveness. Enabler allows you to send two versions of your mailshot to a sample of your contacts. Whichever version is most successful is then sent automatically to the remainder of your list.

Enabler also allows you to schedule your mailshot for any time of the day, allowing you to stick to your email marketing plan no matter the circumstances.

  • Build visually engaging mailshots using the intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • A/B test your emails for full campaign effectiveness
  • Use forms, surveys and polls to capture valuable data
  • Generate comprehensive reports and gather full campaign metrics
  • Elevate your marketing with automation and personalisation features
  • Dedicated account support and assistance