Similar to a leased line, Ethernet First Mile is the ideal solution for those who would like an uncontended line at a lower price point.

Ethernet First Mile provides companies with a drastically improved broadband performance compared to other solutions, but at a cost-effective price. Both voice and data can be carried over an Ethernet First Mile line and the bandwidth can be increased when needed and is therefore suitable for providing reliable VPN and VoIP services. This is a must for businesses wanting to use more advanced technologies such as cloud-based applications.

  • EFM was made for the business market in mind
  • More robust – the private use of high capacity fibre optic lines means your connection will be much faster and more reliable
  • Guaranteed SLA with a shorter time
  • Cheaper option than leased line
  • Faster to install as they use existing copper wires
  • More expensive than ADSL, FTTC and FTTP
  • Leased lines can offer lower latency and higher speeds
  • Installation may be required, which can be a lengthy process

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