30 August 2018

The telephone system is essential to the day-to-day operation of recruitment agencies, so it’s crucial that the chosen system is as reliable, flexible and efficient as possible.

In such a highly competitive industry, keeping ahead of the game is vital and many agencies expect a host of features from their telephone system such as call reporting, an efficient disaster plan and quick responses – especially as candidates can often be placed for the same role by different recruitment agencies, so it can literally be a race to win the best talent! Plus, your employees might not always be in the office but it’s imperative that they can be contacted easily, regardless of where they are.

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Hosted telephony can provide you those features with ease, plus lots more:

  • Twinning – when an inbound call is received, an employee can also receive it from their office and mobile phone
  • Save on support costs – an administration interface allows admin to easily perform addition, moves and changes
  • Smartphone app – an employee is able to make calls via 3G/4G/ WiFi which means they can be contacted wherever they are and can be accessed via one number
  • Auto-attended clients and candidates will be able to get through to employees quicker and ensure they reach the same department
  • Integrator CRM – when a client calls in, their record will pop up on an employee’s screen, enabling the employee to answer the call more efficiently by linking to Outlook or their CRM system. Outbound calling is also made quicker with a click-to-dial feature

Making the move towards hosted telephony has become extremely important in recent years, especially as the ISDN switch-off 2025 deadline is drawing nearer. To find out more information on this, click here.

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