14 August 2018

The recruitment industry is notoriously competitive, with candidates often placed for the same role by different agencies, as well as aiming to achieve the best agency status. Top billers tend to spend lots of time on the phone trying to make as many calls as they can, in order to constantly improve and hone their approach to both clients and candidates. In an industry so heavily driven by sales targets, efficiency needs to be monitored to ensure day-to-day operations are seamless and profits are maximised. In recent years, call recording features on telephone systems are being increasingly used by recruitment agencies, and here’s why.

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  1. You can use call recording for training, bench marking and ascertaining best practice

    By having access to past calls, you are able to discover:

    • How are your top recruitment consultants handing calls? You can determine what makes a successful call and use this as an example in future training.
    • Likewise, you’ll also be able to identify what characteristics badly affect a successful phone call and utilise this for benchmarking purposes.
    • Pinpoint what employers and candidates are talking about – what are their headaches and main concerns when it comes to recruitment? By having this knowledge, you’ll be able to deliver better service as well as use it for your future marketing campaigns.
    • Use call recording for role playing purposes in training, which can help employees navigate ‘real life’ challenging scenarios. This can uncover key techniques and tips on how to respond accordingly in the future.

  2. You can proactively market good candidates using audio interviews

    If a candidate isn’t particularly suitable for a client, you can use your recording of the candidate’s telephone interview to market them for other vacancies which you have been trying to fill. Going the extra mile in advance could be the key standout feature which will sway clients to choose your agency over your competitors.

  3. Provide clients recorded telephone interviews alongside a candidate’s CV

    On the flip side, providing a recorded telephone interview ready with a candidate’s CV can help support you in your reasoning behind your candidate selection process. This approach adds value to your service and could be the key to a client choosing your agency over a competitor.

  4. Deal with any complaints or queries

    With call recording, you’re able to ascertain ‘who said what’ easily and resolve any complaints or queries hassle-free. This can help smooth things over and start re-building trust in recruiter, candidate and client relationships.

  5. Comprehensive note taking

    Instant retrieval of a call after it has finished allows for further note taking, enabling your employees to do their job more effectively by ensuring the right candidate is matched with the right job.